Ocean's EdgeOcean's Edge

Price of Progress

All we've got is winding roads
and hills that are too steep
Monsters hiding under beds
when we put our kids to sleep

Locked away all of our fears
behind solid iron bars
We think we're so bloody great
when we land on Mars

A thousand sorts of Prozac pills
for chemical relief
There are a million gods out there
but which one to believe?

Dropped into this life without any helpful clues
Just a couple of bucks to spend but is it any use?
Am I the only one who thinks we never ever learn
from planes that crash on mountainsides
and racing cars that burn?

All we need is one good reason
to hang on one more week
An excuse for being late
and to find the things we seek

Keep it up and keep the faith
so darkness can't prevail
Never ever give up on those
who are about to fail

We've got pretty things
enough to let our engines burn
Getting further every day
but unable to return

We never learn, we never learn,
from planes that crash and cars that burn ...

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