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Solar Wind

If stardust is the stuff we're made of
then why are you afraid of
travelling through space?

'Cause really there's nothing to be scared of
the questions won't be that tough
we won't leave a trace

The people walking down the main street
they spit in front of your feet
'cause they've never been told

That true love is really worth a battle
is something really special
more valuable than gold

Solar Wind woke me up
on that morning late in May
Solar Wind opened my eyes
and she got me through the day
Solar Wind so huge and so small,
tell me, did we ever grow up at all?

Ever grow up at all?

Do you waste the years you spend at school?
did they turn you into a fool
during classes you attend

They taught you
to find truth or destroy her
to be a real good lawyer
not how to be a friend

You say I'm the sum of letters I sent
of all the money I spent
decisions that I've made

Well I don't really see it that way
you just want to cage my rays
I have a different fate

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