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She's been living in this town
for as long as she can tell
But now she's sick of all these folks
all the streets and the smell
of falling leaves and people who just don't care
who never try and never get anywhere
with their lives or with their cars
except for drive-by shootings and drug gang-wars
She spent too much time
between these idiots and fools
royalty with silver spoons and 
hypocrites with golden rules
The weather never used to bring her so down
maybe she'll find her luck in another town

She said: it's all a matter of point of view
I can't blame them and I can't blame you
All I wanted is to be happy in this life
with a bungalow in the suburbs and a 4-wheel drive
And if it doesn't work out this time, that's okay
I know I'll get there,
Someday ...
Someday ...

And now she leaves this town,
A town that never understood
she's not just leaving for the summer
this time she leaves for good
No goodbye to her friends who all got stranded
on days that became years and never ended
Days and years that were all the same
too many trouble-makers, but no one to blame
Starting over again, it's no disgrace
she's on her way to a better place
Where the wind is warm and the skies are blue
Where sunshine's the law and all love is true

Said I'm gonna be someday ...
I'm gonna be someday ...
I'm gonna be someday ...
I'm gonna be someday ...

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