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Strange Days

Strange stuff on your TV screen
strange sounds from your stereo
You feel as if you've been away
for a hundred years or so

Strange ways to behave yourself
even stranger ways to dress
Strange ways to make a fool of yourself
even stranger ways to impress

It seems truth is surrounded by a big and blurry haze
The years are passing by at such a devestating pace
It seems the masterplan works in mysterious ways
And that is why, my friend, we live in these strange days

Strange people driving down the streets
in ever stranger cars
People drinking their strange drinks
in even stranger bars

Strange powder found in envelopes
strange powder in your nose
You think you're very far from home
but you've never been so close

Strange days all around the world
feels like a scary dream
But everyone just dreams the same
and no one wakes up so it seems

These are the strange days
and you don't know what to do
These are the strange days
scientists don't have a clue
These are the strange days
when normal people go insane
These are the strange days
it's kinda hard to explain

To explain ...

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